• Nemesis Now Fairy Little Shadows Adeline
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This Gothic Fairy holds a bottle of poison in her left hand while holding her finger to her lips and gesturing for quiet, making you a confidant in her latest killing.

Her wings extend behind her, black tinged with green, with her raven hair flowing down past her shoulders, she sports a turquoise bow with a skull in the centre, as well as a skull on her matching belt.

Evoking the darker side of magic and fortune telling, this Gothic Fantasy figurine is a perfect gift or conversation piece for all those who are in tune with the darkness in life.

From the Little Shadows range, the true story of which is shrouded in mystery, but on a full moon it is said they dance beneath the stars. Their unique spirit will forever enchant your soul with their beauty and charm.

Cast in top quality resin and painted by hand.

Approx 16.5cm

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